We are a group of sea lovers
Make your trip to the sea
more FUN!
Everyone is a VIP in our eyes.
We Are the
Best Marine Company !
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Our Story

This is where our story begins. We are a group of sea lovers.
The smell of the ocean and the wonder of nature is what captures us.
However, there is something else that excites us and pushes us to do more; the enticement of crazy ideas.

Plus, we are all science enthusiasts. We love researching into a plethora of topics and recently, we have delved deeper into what makes your trip to the sea more fun!

That’s when we launched our incredible solar energy solutions, floaties, house boats, Air Conditioner, and Lithium Batteries power systems and much more.

Our values


If you are on a boat, then you might have a need for speed! That’s how we offer our services, but ensuring that you have a spectacular experience as well.


Everyone is a VIP in our eyes. You, as a customer, have chosen to trust us. We respect that trust, and endeavor to offer you a service unlike any other.


We have always wanted to make a positive contribution to the world and the environment. When we realized the potential of solar energy, we wanted to spread it to as many vessels as possible.


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