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    • Any breach of the system’s security or the network is subject to civil and criminal liability. Best Marine LLC. will investigate any incident that my entail any of these violations and will participate and cooperate with the authorities in enforcing the law in referring to court users who commit such violations.
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  • Indemnity: The user agrees to indemnity, defend and hold harmless Best Marine LLC. and all other companies associated with it including its licensors, employees, branches, agents, representatives, officials and other services provides (entities to which Indemnities are paid) from all liabilities, claims, demands, actions, costs, damages of fees (INCLUDING ATTORNEY FEES) arising out of or in any way whether directly or indirectly to the material provided or published or through any unauthorized material acquired via Best Marine LLC. or any violation by the user of any terms of this agreement or any violation of the  rights of any other individual or participation in any activity through the application.
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