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The must-have summer accessory isn’t something you can wear, but it’s something that encourages endless hours of fun. Who doesn’t love water floats? Especially when they can be added to your pool party, beachtime fun, water sports, or other hydro-related activities to amp up the fun. Take your floating pool with you, because really, why should one have to choose between a dip in the pool and a swim in the sea?
Deck your jet ski in the most attractive way, and escape your daily routine with our floating basketball field and volleyball court. You don’t even have to visit a store to purchase our products. It’s almost like online shopping. Just choose what you like through our app/website and voila! You have it on your doorstep. Nifty, ain’t it?

Best Marine Air Conditioners

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Best Marine Air Conditioning units have been designed and developed utilizing Japanese Technology to optimize the performance of your boat air conditioning needs in the toughest and hottest climates.

Our Best Marine Air Conditioning series is a self contained unit, AC powered, and sea water cooling type.
It has the features of corrosion resistance, vibration resistance, small volume, and light weight!

Best Marine Air series is suitable for all kinds of small and medium size yachts, fishing boats, and speed boats.
It’s compact structure allows for easy installation and maintenance.

We are reliable, efficient, and affordable.

Advisory Service:
If you are unsure what capacity (BTU) marine AC unit you need, dont worry, it is a simple formula that we will calculate it for you!
We want to provide you with the optimal solution to all your boating needs.




Marine Type Digital Control Panel features

  • Cool Mode, Heat Mode, Fan Mode
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius conversion function
  • 5 Speed fan speed selection
  • High & lower pressure eprotection
  • Overload protection
  • Compressor -3 minutes delay start function
  • Humidity control
  • Memory function
  • Timer ON / OFF
  • Sleep and Alarm function


Available Capacities (BTU) 220 Volts

Available Capacities (BTU) 12 & 24 Volts



Pontoon boats are the new “in” when it comes to having a wonderful time out at sea with your friends. With a cozy setting perfect to provide a comfortable and enjoyable ride. In addition, our pontoon boats contain features that accommodate your desire for cruising, entertainment, BBQ, or even a waterslide!


Over All Length 27ft
Deck Length 26ft
Width 2.47m (8.1”)
Pontoon Diameter 0.64m (25”)
Dry Weight 1134 Kg
Max. Weight Capacity 1100 Kgs
Max. People Capacity 15
Max. Engine HPe 250 HP
Fuel Tanke 90 L


Multi Chambered 3 Pontoons​


Sea Grass Marine Carpet

Aluminum Deck Trims

Deck Corner Protection

Bow and Stern Mooring Cleats


Sofas with Under Seats Storage


Changing Room


Fiberglass Reinforced Console

Gauges (Tach, Volt, Fuel)

Courtesy Light On Console

Stainless Steel Cupholder


USB Port and AUX input

Bluetooth Player

(4) Fusion Stereo Speaker


Bm Party Pontoon Comes With Docking, Navigation, Front, And Underwater Lightings




Underwater Lightings



Bimini Top

Unique Trailer

Boat Cover

Power Supply on Board (12 Volts)


House Boats

Imagine this scenario. You arrive home. Prepare your dinner in a beautiful kitchen. Then head over to the living room for some movie time. Then you can head over to relax or open the terrace. Now imagine doing all of that in a House Boat! Yep, that is right. Why live in a house when you can live in a house that floats on water? Surrounded by the serenity of the waves and the smell of fresh air, we might think that is something unlike anything you have experienced before.
What makes it different from all other house boats in the market is:
    • You could choose from different designs and layouts.
    • Made of aluminum, so no corrosion!
    • Solar energy to operate all the appliances (not loud & smoky generators)

Solar systems

It is estimated that humans consume 410 quintillion joules of energy in a year.Guess how much energy reaches the Earth from the Sun? 430 quintillion joules. Every. Single. Hour. Think about that for a second. Imagine how much potential there really is if we could harness all the energy from the sun. We wouldn’t need to depend on fossil fuels or deplete the resources of the planet. This is where we come in, we have the equipment to turn your boat into a solar powered facility. What you get in a clean facility that utilizes the sun’s energy. Plus, solar-powered facilities are the next big technology change that is set to sweep the world. In other words, you are already part of the future. This is a future where solar-powered systems provide zero carbon emissions, having long lasting power, need absolutely no fuel, and have zero noise compared to fuel-powered generators. To us, it isn’t just about offering a product to our customers. We aim to provide a solution. Our end goal is your experience. If you are satisfied, then we know that we have done our job.


Looking for a non-stop power on board? Totally independent?
Check Out how to update your best marine power system with solar panels to transform sunlight into electrical power.

Contact us today for more details.




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Whether you are out cruising on your boat or fishing, you want to spend as much time on the water as possible.
Many of your electrical powered devices operates directly from your boat’s 12 Volts battery; however, other devices like air conditioners require 220 Volts. For those, you need a generator. A generator means: Fuel, Smoke, Vibration, Noise, and Expensive Maintenance.

How to avoid all that? Our Best Marine Lithium batteries with our Hybrid Inverter will do the trick!
Simply, our battery will store 5,000 Watts while charging on shore.

When you are out on the water, the Inverter will silently transfer the voltage from the “BM 5KW” Battery to 220 Volts to operate your appliances, Air Conditioner, Coffee maker, …etc.
Quiet, calm, no fuel, and no service required!


Choosing the right power source on your boat is an important decision. A generator can be a major investment. After the main engine, the most expensive single piece of equipment aboard is often the generator. Whether a marine generator or a regular generator, you will need a generator that’s reliable, offers longevity, and delivers a comfortable time on board! A bit tricky!
With regular generators you will need to choose between gas or diesel! Exhaust location! Continuous service and checkups! With marine generators, you will need to decide between three configurations: keel cooled, heat exchanger, or direct sea water!
In all the cases, generators are loud, expensive to run, require regular tests to ensure proper operation, and an annoying source of vibration and gases.
To state the obvious, the best choice is the Best Marine Power System, that consists of Best Marine Battery and Best Marine Invertor!
In other words, Continuous quiet Power with no smoke neither vibration that requires zero fuel and zero service.
Our power system has moved from the “Future” to the “Technology of Today”.

Additional Benefits:
– Increase in your boat’s value.
– Reduced carbon foot prints and environmental impact.
– Protection from power outages.
– Greatly reduced energy costs.

We design for you the right sizing, customized for your needs. The maximum system setup can generate up to 90 kWh, with a peak consumption of 5kW or 12kW through our hybrid inverter. 


The two main features

Marine: lighter weight and high-density capacity. So there will be no effect on your boat’s speed.
Smart: Balanced Function ensures consistent battery balance per cell and maximizes battery life.

Key Features:
-Longer Cycle Life. Up to 3,500 times.
-High Power.
-Wide Temperature Range: -20°C –60°C
-Super Safety Performance, Lithium Iron Phosphate eliminates the risk of explosion due to high impact, overcharging or short circuit situations.
-Supports parallel function up to 16 units.
-Balanced Function ensures consistent battery balance per cell and maximizes battery life.

“Best Marine Battery “BM 5KW” was designed to last and built to perform”.


Electrical Rated Voltage 51.2 V
Rated Capacity 105 AH
Energy 5376 Wh
Internal Resistance ≤40 mΩ
Cycle Life ≥3500 cycles
Design Life ≥ 10 Years
Self-Discharge Per Month ≤ 2% at 35°C
Efficiency of Charge ≥ 98%
Efficiency of Discharge ≥ 99%
Charge Charge Cut-off Voltage 59.2 V ± 0.1 V
Charge Current 50 A
Max. Charge Current 55 A
Continuous Current 50 A
Limit Charge Current 10 A / 20 A Optional
Discharge Max. Continuous Discharge Current 100 A
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 41.6V ± 0.2V
Output Interference Terminal Block
Other Protective Function Over Charge, Over Discharge, Over Current, Over Temperature, Short Circuit
Communication Interference RS485/RS232
Dry Contact Yes
Max Parallel Connection 16 PCS
SOC Light 4 LED
Environmental Charge Temperature -5° – 60°C
Discharge Temperature -20°C – 60°C
Storage Temperature -40°C – 55°C @ 60% Relative Humidity
Operating Humidity 20 – 90 % (No Condensation)
Weight Net (Kg) 44 Kg
Dimension L*W*H (mm) 450 * 494 * 178 mm


Hybrid Inverters
An inverter is a power electronic device that converts (DC) voltage to (AC) voltage. In other words, it provides an AC voltage from the battery to operate your 220 Volts appliances on your boat.

What’s hybrid?
We Call our BM Invertors “BM INV 5KW” and “BM INV 12KW” hybrid because they consist of:
Inverter: To convert the stored power.
Charger: To charge the battery.
Intelligent Module: To manage the power system intelligently.
Protective function: Over Charge. Over Discharge. Over Current. Short Circuits.


AC Input Input Voltage Wave Form Sinusoidal (Utility or Generator)
Nominal Input Voltage 120 or 230 / VAC
Low Line Disconnect 85 Vac ± 4% (Normal) or 80 Vac ±4% (Wide) for 120 Vac
184 Vac ± 4% (Normal) or 135 Vac ±4% (Wide) for 230 Vac
Low Line Re-connect 95 Vac ± 4% (Normal) or 85 Vac ±4% (Wide) for 120 Vac
194 Vac ± 4% (Normal) or 145 Vac ± 4% (Wide) for 230 Vac
High Line Disconnect 136 Vac ± 4% (Normal) or 145 Vac ± 4% (Wide) for 120 Vac
263 Vac ± 4% (Normal) or 263 Vac ± 4% (Wide) for 230 Vac
Max AC Input Voltage 120 Vac for Max 150 Vac, 230 Vac for Max 270 Vac
Frequency 50Hz: 41-54Hz,
60Hz: 51-64Hz
AC Charger Over Charge Protection Bat. V ≥ 15.5 VDC for 12V battery;
Bat. V ≥ 31.0 VDC for 24V battery,
Bat. V ≥ 62.0 VDC for 48V battery;
Beeps 0.5s every 1s & fault after 60s
Charger Nominal Charger Current 20A / 35A / 50A / 70A / 90A (According to the inverter model), adjustable 5 stages charging current
Over charge Protection Bat. V ≥ 15.5VDC / 31VDC / 62VDC, Beeps 0.5s every 1s & fault after 60s
Efficiency Battery Model >87%
Line Model > 98%
Battery Voltage Nominal DC Input 48 VDC
Voltage Low Battery Alarm 42 VDC ± 1.2 VDC for 48 VDC
Alarm 42 VDC ± 1.2 VDC for 48 VDC
Low DC input shut-down 40 VDC ± 1.2 VDC for 48 VDC
High DC input Alarm & Fault 64 VDC ± 1.2 VDC for 48 VDC
Transfer Time AC to DC 20ms (Max)
DC to AC 15ms (Max)
System Parameters Over-Load Protection 110% < Load < 150%, beeps 0.5s every 1s, and Fault after 60s off the output,
Load > 150%, beeps 0.5s every 1s, and Fault after 20s
Output Short Circuit Protection Current limit (Fault after 10s)
Surge Rating (10s) 1:3(VA)
Power Saver Load ≤ 25W (Enabled on "P/S auto" Setting of Remote control)
Protections Low battery, over charging, over load, over temp
Indicators LED + LCD Display
General Specifications Operating Temperature Range 0°c to 60°C
Storage Temperature -15°c to 80°C
Operation Humidity 5% to 95 % (non-condensing)
Cooling Forced Air, Variable Speed Fan
Dimension (L*W*H) 5K Watts: 627 * 416 * 204 mm
12K Watts: 530 * 400 * 190 mm
Net Weight (Kg) 35.5 Kg for the 5K Watts Invertor
66.5 Kg for the 12K Watts Invertor




Our Best Marine Battery and inverters come with full two-year warranty.

We offer free service for a year. That includes two free visits to connect your battery to our laptop with the “Best Marine Diagnosis” Software installed on it.

After each visit we will provide you with a detailed report highlighting the status of your system and some tips to make the most out of your BM power system.


Looking for a non-stop power on board? Totally independent?
Check Out how to update your best marine power system with solar panels to transform sunlight into electrical power.

Contact us today for more details.